There are several other factors in determining the overall performance of a commercial carpet aside from the style of carpet and the kind of fiber. Because they are not always necessary depending on the usage requirements, these are seen as features of the carpet.  


Well if you are planning to purchase a carpet that will be subject to foot traffic and hoping that it will still look new after several years, then here are the features that you need to consider when choosing a carpet. 


One of the greatest issues regarding with looped styles is that if one loop is pulled, other will certainly follow creating a “run”. This event is called as zippering of a carpet. This is a very real possibility for some carpets. 

The construction of the carpet is the main reason for a run to occur in your carpet. One common cause of this is the use of a beater bar or power head vacuum even though this requires a lot of force to accomplish. The spinning head of the vacuum is capable enough to put into a little snag in your carpet and pull it wrapping the fiber around. 


Generally, all carpets are able to feature some measure of protection against static. However, an increased level of anti-static protection is needed especially for commercial or industrial settings with highly specialized electronic equipment. 

So that there should be no issue in ensuring the carpet is adequately protected against the build-up of static electricity, you are not likely to be selecting a remnant or otherwise unmarked carpet for these settings. 

    Stain and Soil Protection 

Stain protection is featured in all commercially made carpet today. However, in commercial carpeting, there are various dye methods and types of fiber that increase the level of protection against staining as well as soiling. 

One of the most stain resistant fibers used in carpeting is olefin because it repels naturally almost any substance.  However, the drawback of using olefin is in oil-based substances. Stain can leave a mark in your carpet since olefin attracts and absorbs oil. Furthermore, the carpet can become soiled because the oily residue in the fibers attracts dirt. 

It is not advisable to use olefin in areas where spills of oily substances are likely to happen. In commercial carpet, nylon fiber is a favorite in performance because it is one of the strongest fibers used in carpeting. Unfortunately, it relies on the manufacturing process to receive its protection because nylon does not inherently have protection against stains. 

The dye method known as solution dyeing is the most effective method of increasing nylon’s stain resistance. The fiber is first manufactured and then dyed using the desired color in traditional dyeing methods.  However, in the solution-dyed method, so that the fiber is manufactured directly into the desired color, the color is added directly to the fiber. 

     Durability and Cleanliness 

It is true that commercial carpet is available in a vast range of durability and quality level. However you must also consider the manner in which it can be thoroughly cleaned, a good thing, you can avail services from commercial carpet cleaning Boston if you want to clean your carpet properly and with ease.